Welcome to Dance Scene. So pleased you found Us!

Welcome to Dance Scene, we truly believe that our School offers the most focussed, professional, value for money dance classes for adults and children in Harlow, Essex.

Our highly qualified, enthusiastic teachers promote a very friendly learning environment. They are here to make dancing dreams a reality! And of course, to have lots of fun!

We have provided classes in Tap, Modern, Jazz and Ballet for many years. Recently adding Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Singing and Piano Lessons to our repertoire!

We have two fantastic venues: Churchgate Primary School and Harlow College – opening hours.

Contact us for further details:

Lorraine Hodges  07711 745193  email:  [email protected]
Kate Tozer             07843 274221  email:  
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Dance Scene geeks win Silver!Come along and try our lessons, there is absolutely no point spending any money on clothing, tap/ballet shoes etc. until you know for sure that this is what you or your child really want to do. Find out for free!

Our teaching methods give a fantastic grounding in all aspects of dance, many of our students go on to further education in dance and performing, and enjoy great success.

Every year our students have excellent success rates with  “Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing” (ISTD) ballet, tap and modern examinations.

Dance Classes in Harlow

If you are looking to have some fun, or maybe get you or the kids fit, our dance classes will help with that too !

We offer classes in hip hop, commercial, ballet, tap, contemporary, modern and jazz with regular performances and as mentioned ISTD exams during May/June each year. Our exams have enjoyed a 100% success rate!

At our school we believe each and every child should have the opportunity to achieve their very best at dance; every student deserves to have equal opportunity and experiences. We do get very busy, so give us a call to see if we can accommodate your needs.

 Try Before You Buy! 

Dance Scene LMWe always encourage prospective students to try out different classes to make sure that they join the lesson most suited to them. Your children may really want to try tap dancing, but have they ever tried ballet, modern or jazz styles of dance. Continue reading “Welcome to Dance Scene. So pleased you found Us!”

Fantastic Exam Results!

cropped-cropped-lorraine.jpgFebruary 2016 saw another set of I.S.T.D ballet, tap and modern exams.

As always students passed with flying colours and achieved 100% success rates. These exams were held at Harlow College where Dance Scene hold classes throughout the week.

All the hard work and rehearsals paid off and even though there were some nerves before the exams, as always the students showed what they were made of.

When the results came through both staff and students were extremely delighted. Well done everyone!


happy kids jumping outdoors in summer


Take a look at the full and extensive range of classes we currently offer here.

The ISTD conducts some 250,000 dance assessments every year, for children, students, amateurs and professionals.

They have a very clearly defined structure, which allows for learning in a safe and enjoyable context.

istd-text-and-logo-blue-The examination structure is designed to cater for students who wish to progress towards a dance profession, as a performer or teacher, as well as  those enjoying dance purely as a leisure activity. Continue reading “Fantastic Exam Results!”

Ballet Classes & Muscle Tone

Dance Scene offer a full range of ballet classes from the tiniest beginner to the more advance graded student, a fun and satisfying way to improve muscle tone, flexibility and co-ordination.


Central to the teachings of ballet, is the development of extremely strong core muscles, which benefit gait, poise and control.

We pride ourselves on offering fantastic teaching standards, class structure and enjoyment. Our staff have a wealth of experience, as you can read here.

Ballet is a very enjoyable way to get fit, students gain in confidence, Little ballet dancer. Harlow dance classesstrength and control. We provide the technique to ensure that every student is able to express themselves fully in this classical and timeless dance form.

Everyone can benefit from the poise, control and strength of core that an education in ballet provides.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your particular requirements, we always offer a “try before you buy” opportunity, as you never know whether ballet is right for you. You may be more interested in tap, modern, or any of our other extensive range of classes!

Basic RGBGive us a call or drop us an email to find out more


Ballet and tap dancing classes

Dance is a great way to get fit, maintain and develop muscle tone, strength and flexibility. Everyone can enjoy dancing and everyone can learn the technical skills needed to perform specific types of dance like ballet and tap. Which dance classes would suit you depends on your age and what you hope to accomplish through taking lessons.

Grades and levels – ballet

There are two syllabuses in ballet: graded and vocational.

The graded syllabus is aimed at people who want to learn how to ballet dance purely for the enjoyment of movement (and to develop that muscle strength, tone and flexibility mentioned above).

Dance classes that promote the graded syllabus are often aimed at children, though adults certainly enjoy the classes too. Usually children start at Grade 1 from about the age of 6 years (typically, adults new to ballet will start at Grade 5 or 6).

How quickly could you progress

Ballet dance classes in HarlowHow quickly you (or your child) progress through the grades is entirely down to how much practice you are prepared to put in and a ballet teacher should be able to give personalised advice on how much practice you should do each week to progress.


Photo of Billy ElliotThe graded syllabus has exams at each of the following stages:

• Pre-primary
• Primary
• Grade 1
• Grade 2
• Grade 3
• Grade 4
• Grade 5
• Grade 6
• Grade 7
• Grade 8

The vocational syllabus is aimed at people who want to study and perfect the technique of ballet dancing – there is less room for artistry and expression and more in-depth focus on the technical qualities of each move taught. It is ideal for anyone who intends to study ballet at professional level or within a ballet school.

Children wishing to study the vocational syllabus will normally have progressed beyond Grade 8.

Vocational syllabus

The vocational syllabus exams are set at the following levels:

• Intermediate Foundation (non-compulsory)
• Intermediate
• Advance Foundation (non-compulsory)
• Advance 1
• Advance 2
• Solo Seal (Only available if you scored distinction for Advanced 2)

Grades and levels – tap dancing

00294255 - 449x272Tap dancing exams not only focus on the entrant’s ability to perform the technical steps correctly but also looks at the ability to interpret musical rhythm and timing as part of the performance.

Again, the syllabus that you can follow will depend on personal choice, age and ability.

Tap dance lessons for the beginner usually start with the pre-primary and primary class examinations, which have a lower age limit of five years (this is the minimum age at which children are generally considered to have the muscle tone and level of control required to carry out the steps) and no upper age limit.

Typically, though, adults follow the popular tap tests and medals grades 1-6 followed by the bronze, silver and gold medals.

Beyond the pre-primary and primary class exams are the Tap Awards (bronze, silver and gold). Rather like the graded syllabus, these exams chart the progress of those who want to enjoy learning the technical steps of tap dance while also enjoying the artistic expression the courses accommodate.

Vocational graded exams are then available to anyone wishing to pursue tap dance at a more professional level.

Finding classes

gDance Scene in Harlow run regular Ballet and Tap dancing classes, contact us for details of syllabuses, grades and exams you or your child can achieve while enjoying learning a new skill.


Dance Classes For Boys

Dance is not girls-only!

While many people would argue that attitudes in the last 20 to 30 years about gender Boys Hip Hop Classequality have changed immeasurably, across the land there are still many boys who feel that football, rugby and other similar activities are the only acceptable ways to fill that valuable bit of free time between school, homework and video games.

Parents are often just as much to blame for this, but it’s time to realise that there is nothing ‘feminine’ or ‘girly’ about enrolling boys in dance lessons. If you thought that boxing and hitting the weights were the only ways to achieve peak physical fitness, it’s time to think again!

Continue reading “Dance Classes For Boys”

Ballet Dance Classes

Start Ballet lessons in HarlowGetting to the pointe: the benefits of ballet

It can be tempting to think of ballet classes as being exclusively for little girls – all pink tutus and sugar plum fairies. In adulthood, it can seem easier to reach for a spinning class if you are in need of a workout.

But whether you are very young, a teenager, a complete beginner, returning to dance or an adult, the benefits of ballet are extensive. Continue reading “Ballet Dance Classes”