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Dance Scene HarlowAn established dance school, Dance Scene runs classes at Churchgate School, Old Harlow, Essex and Harlow College, Harlow, Essex.

Students from both Essex and Hertfordshire attend classes throughout the week.

Dance Scene offers classes in hip hop/commercial, ballet, tap, modern and jazz with regular performances and I.S.T.D exams during the year.

Lorraine Hodges – Principal

DDE qualified in Ballet, Tap, Modern and National

Lorraine has been teaching for 30 years in Harlow and the surrounding areas. Her vast experience in Ballet, Tap, Modern and National has given many students the opportunity to train as dancers from 18 months to adult!

Many students have gone on to vocational performing arts colleges and are having very successful dance careers.

Lorraine-Hodges-Dance-Scene-TeacherLorraine trained at The Arts Educational School in London where she gained her professional teaching qualifications.

Lorraine’s career started as a professional dancer. Her professional credits include various pantomimes in the UK as well as being dance captain on various touring shows.

Lorraine founded Dance Scene to share her experience and knowledge of dance with everyone who comes through her doors from children to adults.

One of Lorraine’s greatest achievements is her adult tap class that she has been running for 30 years and it’s still going strong!


Kate Tozer

DDI qualified in Ballet, Tap and Modern

Kate Started dancing at the young age of 2 with Lorraine! Her love of dance lead her to train professionally at The Center Performing Arts College, London. Here she gained a performing arts diploma and 3 full DDI qualifications.

Kate-Tozer-Dance-Scene-TeacherUpon graduating, Kate went straight into professional dance work by joining Costa Cruise Lines as a production dancer.

Kate continued her career with various other work including:

Dancer – Trident commercial for Beyonce
Various Pantomimes – UK Hair shows and various other performances.

TV and Film credits include:

The Basil Brush Show – BBC
Various Bollywood movies as a dancer and supporting artist.

Kate also reached the final stages for the west end musical Flashdance.

After beginning her love of dance with Lorraine, Kate is very excited to be working alongside Lorraine at Dance Scene.

Lorraine and Kate are very experienced, highly professional dance teachers who work very hard and are dedicated in their aims to help all their pupils realise their aspirations.

 Exercise: It’s a Good Thing

When are you going to start exercising?

Exercise is good for you, but do you get goose-bumps just thinking about it. It is extremely beneficial for your body, but if you are like many others you do not fancy it very much.

Exercise is used for more than just getting rid of weight. It helps to melt away the pounds, but it also makes your body stronger. In addition, contrary to belief, a good workout supplies loads of energy.

So if you still don’t want to exercise, then this article is going to give you some aspects to take into consideration.

Change Your Mindset About Exercise

Ballet Dance Class HarlowEven when you do not desire to do it, there are times when you just have to do things anyway.

If you continue to have negative feelings towards exercise, then you are never going to put it into you normal routine. You should exercise daily for your health.

It is a requirement for your body to function in the right way. If you make yourself think of exercising in a positive light, it will be easier to get into the habit of doing it.

Have an open mind about exercising and you will have positive changes in your life.

Don’t Try to Deal with Too Much at One Time

Tap dancing classes Harlow Dance SceneThis does not mean that you have to start a full workout in the morning. You can little by little build your way up.

Just start with a few things here and there. For instance, little things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator can help.

Or, park away from the store instead of the slot closest to the store. You will benefit from the activity.

The gym is not the only place that provides good exercise. There are numerous things that you can do every day to get more exercise.

Just look for ways to put more physical activity to your daily life. Your body will like the extra exercise.

Make it a Part of Your Regular Routine

Begin slowly and try to put more into your regular routine. You will find that exercising is easier if you start doing it on a consistent basis. Both you and your body will get accustomed to the new action.

Modern Ballet

It won’t seem like such torture the more you exercise.

This is why you should only start with little chunks of exercising at a time. Start with five minutes on the treadmill and then work your way up to twenty minutes.

It would be good to do twenty minutes at a time one or two times a week. But, if you despise exercise, you will not feel right about doing this at the very start. But you will work towards it.

Once you get into the routine, it will not seem like such torture.

Make Exercising Fun

If exercise is such a chore for you, then attempt to make it a fun time for yourself. The treadmill might not be the perfect exercise choice for you. Maybe you would like a stroll through the neighborhood instead.

Children dancing for joy dancing in harlowIf you plan to add exercise into your life, find a fun activity that you like to do. You are doing this for more than a few weeks. Maybe, you need to take a friend along to eliminate the boredom.

Do whatever it takes to make exercising fun for you. Find something that you will like doing for the long haul. You will see both physical and mental aspects in the end.

Simply put, exercise is not a bad thing. Find ways to add it to your every day way of doing things.

Adjust your thinking and view it as a good thing. Find a physical activity that you like to do and continue doing it on a regular basis. You might find that you don’t have to start a full exercise routine to remain physically fit, start dancing and creating a dance fusion.

You could possibly get your exercise for the day just by doing basic things. In the end, it will be a huge pay off for you.

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