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Everyone knows that Americans are becoming fatter with each new day, but as a Nation, is the UK following that trend? This growth is not purely in terms of numbers, but in terms of actual weight. Unfortunately, much of the American population is overweight.This condition does not just affect adults. Obesity is also affecting American youth in a very negative way. It has such a bad impact on the body over the long haul. Many times the things that are affected cannot be changed. The following article will list a few ways in which obesity has a negative impact on the human body.

The Vicious Cycle Starts

Ask any obese female and she will tell you that she is not a very happy person in general. She will probably tell you that being heavy girl is not a problem for her, but she will say this because she is out of options if she does not make a change.

Getting enough exercise and eating a balanced diet is the smartest method for getting rid of unwanted weight.But, because she is so large, she cannot exercise without it cause problems.Every time that she attempts to exercise, she loses her breath and it takes too long to recover.

Unfortunately, she refuses to exercise, becomes sedentary and starts to get conditions such as high blood pressure and type two diabetes.The two medical ailments are expensive to pay for. She either accumulates high medical bills or has to pay for expensive medication to treat her condition.

But, the bad thing is that she probably will not have enough cash to pay for these services and medicine.Because she cannot pay her bills, this totally depresses her.She realises that things are not going to get any better unless she loses weight, but she is too fatigued most days to do anything about it.

She also knows that obesity is affecting her lifestyle in a negative way.But, she is clueless as to how to generate a change.

Does this depict you? This type of scenario plays out for many different American women. Not only does obesity have such a bad impact on your body, but it starts to make you feel bad about yourself as well.

Obesity Affects the Body in many Ways

One can get heart disease just from being fat. Your body has accumulated fat that causes plaque build up in your arteries.This will decrease the amount of oxygen rich blood that is transported to yourheart.

Sadly enough, when too much of this plaque is in the system, it will cause you to have a heart attack. In extreme circumstances, this build up of plaque can lead to actual heart failure.

Being overweight can make you have a stroke. Just like with heart disease, the plaque will build up.

But instead of causing a heart attack, the plaque can break off into smaller pieces and turn into a blood clot.If this blood clot gets in much further to the brain, then it can obstruct the circulation to the brain.

This will prompt a stroke.

Obesity makes fat transform into oestrogen, which will cause buildup. Many people are not knowledgeable about it, but oestrogen can make the female body to get out of whack if there is too much of supply.First, it can cause your reproductive organs to become cancerous.

The high amounts of fat will increase the production of insulin in the body.As a result, your body will produce more cancer cells.Secondly, too much oestrogen will cause your menstrual cycle to be out of whack.

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For a majority of women, it would only take them to lose about 20 percent of their body weight and their menstrual cycle will become regulated once more.

In conclusion, obesity will make you live in a continuous cycle that you cannot get out of. Make a change to get around this disruption.


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